Wake Up with Fake Up

fake-upWe all know getting a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours is one of the best beauty tips around, but with our busy schedules, sometimes that much beauty rest just isn’t realistic! The Glam Gals are always looking for products that can help us “fake it till we make it”, and we recently discovered Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up. This lipstick-sized tube packs a one-two punch with a light-diffusing concealer core, surrounded by a moisturizing ring made of Vitamin E and Apple-seed extract.

The concealer-moisturizer combo makes it easy to apply and blend smoothly, so you can quickly cover dark circles and brighten eyes without those annoying creases.  Our favorite part is how natural it looks and feels – it comes in three easy-to-blend shades for great, healthy-looking coverage. It’s shown to keep skin hydrated for up to 6 hours, but we still keep it in our purses to reapply whenever we need an instant pick-me-up throughout the day. For under $25, this double-duty product can give you a good bang for your buck and have you looking wide awake in no time.