Glam Gals

We’re Mae and Milyn. We weren’t always the glam gurus we are today, but we are experts on beauty-by-trial-and-error (c’mon, we’re all guilty of not blending our two-shades-too-dark drugstore makeup into our necks…right?).

We first met in college, where we both avoided math and wearing anything other than sweatpants to class. We did, however, bond over a shared love of all things beauty. Over time, we perfected our skin care routine, taught ourselves some pretty amazing makeup tricks and ditched the sweatpants (for class, anyway). And, being the typical ramen-fueled, Craigslist-dependent college students we were, we’re also pretty adept at finding the best beauty deals which we feature every day right here on Sign up for our emails to get deals and tips delivered to your inbox on the right!

It took us years to perfect our beauty routine and we’re constantly experimenting with new tricks, tips and products. Save yourself the time (and relative humiliation) of beauty-by-trial-and-error and use our tips to get glam NOW!