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Last week U.S. Representative Jim Moran of Virginia introduced H.R. 4148, the Humane Cosmetics Act, which aims to ban animal testing for cosmetics and promote modern, non-animal tests to ensure product safety. If passed, the groundbreaking legislation would phase out animal testing in cosmetics over a one-year period and phase out the sale of animal-tested products over a three-year period.

The marketing of animal-tested cosmetics is already prohibited in Europe, the largest cosmetics market in the world, as well as countries such as Israel, Norway and India. There is currently no similar federal law in the U.S., but three states – California, New Jersey and New York – already have laws mandating that available alternatives to animal tests be used for cosmetic testing.

Whether the bill actually makes it into law remains to be seen, but many companies are already ahead of the game with non-animal tested cosmetics. Here are just a few of our favorite “cruelty-free” brands:

Cruelty Free CosmeticsCruelty Free CosmeticsCruelty Free Cosmetics

Cruelty Free Skin CareCruelty Free Cosmetics

Curious to see whether your favorite products are animal-tested? You can check out Beauty Without Bunnies to search for cruelty-free makeup, hair products, skin care products and more by type or company name.